Profile :

My work is a combination of the following influences and experience.

I qualified as an architect at Canterbury School of Architecture in 1992.

Whilst studying architecture I participated in the recording of Roman wall paintings and wall elevations using scaled line drawings of the Insula of the Menander at Pompeii, Italy in collaboration with Manchester University. Here,I was introduced to Mediterranean planting and Roman garden design where the house and garden of Julia Felix made a lasting impression.

Following my degree in architecture I lived in Bergen on the west coast of Norway for five years and worked on various architectural projects responding to a distinctive maritime topography and landscape.

Other working experience includes working as a sculptor's assistant where I have modelled with clay, and undertaken casting techniques in plaster and resin for various public and private commissions.

Exploration of a more tactile approach within my work has led me to engage directly with plants. As a gardening assistant for two years I accumulated some practical experience which has allowed me to work on small construction projects of my own using timber, stone and metal. I have designed, adapted and reshaped a wide range of gardens in London.

Following qualifications at Capel Manor College in Hertfordshire, UK - RHS General Certificate in Horticulture (1998-1999) and Plants and Planting Design (2003-2004) - I was given the opportunity to implement a planting scheme for the Water and Shrub area of the Art Park at Mile End Park, Tower Hamlets in East London in 2005 after winning a competition.I have also developed a design for the entrance to the Ecological Pavilion in the park.

I have completed a Professional Development Diploma in Social and Therapeutic Horticulture in 2010 at Coventry University in conjunction with the charity 'Thrive'. This has added another dimension to my work particularly whilst working along side volunteers from the Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park at Mile End Park.